Jota Mombaça

As they describe themselves, Jota Mombaça is a “non-binary bicha” (pejorative Brazilian slang used for gay men), and a “mutant” whose personality is in constant flux. In their work, the interdisciplinary artist researches and performs the relationships between monstrosity and humanity, queer studies, anti-coloniality and the redistribution of violence. Sound and the visualisation of words play an integral role in their work, which takes place in an open performative process. A Gente Combinamos De Não Morrer / Us Agreed Not To Die is a performance that deals with the ongoing struggles of Black and trans people – their resistance expressed in a will to survive and in the fight for their rights. During the performance, Mombaça manufactures knives made out of materials such as glass, wood and red shoelaces and simultaneously reads out texts from various sources, reclaiming the voices and memories of writers who have been silenced.

Jota Mombaça, A Gente Combinamos De Não Morrer / Us Agreed Not To Die, Performance, Object, 2018-ongoing

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