Visitors Information


Visitors Information

No application needed.



  • Number of persons sought


  • Funding period

    Up to 4 weeks.

  • Profile

    • Scholars from the humanities and social sciences or practitioners in politics, business, art, media, journalism
    • A commitment to the mission of THE NEW INSTITUTE
    • Expertise in one of the programs of THE NEW INSTITUTE
    • Ideas that contribute to the on-going fellow work
  • Tasks

    • Presenting ideas, running workshops, advising, engaging in individual projects
    • Actively participating in collaborative fellow work
  • Location

    Visitors are required to be present in Hamburg at least four days a week during their respective stay.

  • Remuneration

    Individually negotiated consultant contracts.

  • Housing

    Either at a hotel or in fully furnished and equipped apartments provided on the premises of TNI at the Warburg Ensemble. Expenses covered by THE NEW INSTITUTE.

  • Meals

    Breakfasts and lunches will be provided on weekdays during the terms, dinners on Wednesdays.

  • Application materials

    Not applicable.

  • Application procedure

    Not applicable.

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