A kaleidoscope of ecology

The Other: Resonance, vulnerability, and extinction

Video: Reversing Extinction: Why Climate Justice Needs Animal Rights
Speaker: Wayne Hsiung 

Article: Taking Vulnerability Seriously: What Does It Change for Bioethics and Politics?
Author: Corine Pelluchon 

Book: Resonance: A Sociology of Our Relationship to the World
Author: Hartmut Rosa

Our relationship with the rest of the world is broken, but not unfixable. Philosopher and sociologist Hartmut Rosa explains in his book how the answer to our problem (the ever-increasing pace of modern life, or “acceleration”) lies in a new understanding of our resonance with all that is around us. Central to his approach, and also a key notion in Pelluchon‘s thinking, is vulnerability. This concept reassesses the primacy of liberty over responsibility. On a very concrete level, Wayne Hsiung – co-founder of Direct Action Everywhere –- puts theory into practice with his activism. His take is that acknowledging and fighting for animal rights is necessary for climate justice.

Reuniting what is inseparable

Journalism: Who Said Science and Art Were Two Cultures?
Author: Kevin Berger

Podcast: Ecology, History, and Photography with Pamela Petro
Speakers: Pamela Petro and Sarah Baldwin

In a world of subdomains and specialists, bringing together what is (actually) inseparable is one of the key tasks of our time. Kevin Berger writes about the divorce of science and arts, which is better explained as a misunderstood marriage. His account connects the discovery of DNA with the “da-da-da-dum”-moment in Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. Another instance of this misrepresented relationship between knowledge and art is Petro’s 2019 exhibition The Blink of Our Lifetimes: The Ecology of Dusk that combines [Welsh] words with image. Petro discusses how one can convey the vastness of time in words the English language does not have terms for.

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