Seed Phrase

Seed Phrase

Simon Denny talks with people from art, tech, and the worlds in between about their experiences and ideas around Web3.

“Seed Phrase” is a podcast about how technology, art, politics, money and power intersect – and how, through their convergence, the much-discussed Web3 could frame new spaces of possibility. The podcast is hosted by artist and THE NEW INSTITUTE fellow Simon Denny and recorded on site in Hamburg.

The podcast delves into a wide breadth of topics: how we can use technology better; how art is reflecting the challenges of the digital world; how blockchain is both a problem and a promise; how decentralization actually works; how the commons provide the framework for a different economy; and how NFTs might figure into these considerations.

Simon Denny invites one guest per episode – from tech, civic society, business, and/or art – and engages in deep and thoughtful conversations that, in the spirit of THE NEW INSTITUTE, are committed to holding open the potential for change.

Guiding the conversation is each guest’s “seed phrase” – twelve words that serve as the key to unlock an NFT – twelve words to unlock their story.

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The Problem with Blockchain

Our program director Francesca Bria talks to Evgeny Morozov about how digital technology can be democratized.

  • How can digital technologies be democratized?
  • Can blockchain, bitcoin and decentralization lead to a more just and equitable internet?
  • How can we save the potential of these inventions for projects like The New Hanse?

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