A Kaleidoscope of Suffering and a Kaleidoscope of Hope: Ole von Uexkull on the Work and Ambition of the Right Livelihood Foundation
Essay | 30.12.20

We’re in this together: An attempt to reflect on the unexpected – the year of the pandemic.
COVID | 22.12.20

"Sirens are the new birds": Witnesses to the pandemic and their chronicles from around the world
Diaries | 22.12.20

What is research’s responsibility in times of radical uncertainty?
Workshop | 11.12.2020

Lottie Cunningham Wren, Winner of the Right Livelihood Award, on the Struggle of the Miskito People
Interview | 2.12.2020

At the core of the idea of citizenship is the refugee: Homi Bhabha on Democracy for the 21st Century
Interview | 17.11.2020

The US presidential election points towards a multi-ethnic democracy – and its contradictions
Reads | 09.11.2020

We Live Under Minority Rule: Daniel Ziblatt on American Democracy
Interview | 3.11.2020

Applications welcome for the programme “The Future of Democracy”
Fellowships | 29.10.2020

Beyond Corona: Wilhelm Krull describes "ways and strays out of the closed society"
Essay | 20.10.2020

“Our Carnal and Earthly Constitution”: Corine Pelluchon’s Philosophy of the Body
Book | 13.10.2020

Martin Hägglund’s Radical Secularism: “Freedom is Impossible under Capitalism”
Podcast | 09.10.2020

An Unfolding World – Luisa Neubauer and Geoff Mulgan Discuss the Potential of the Urban Transformation at “Untitled”
Collaboration | 25.09.2020

Values for the 21st Century – First Fellowships at THE NEW INSTITUTE
Programme | 09.09.2020

Values for Tomorrow – Markus Gabriel Will Become a Fellow at THE NEW INSTITUTE
Team | 09.09.2020

International & Interdisciplinary – THE NEW INSTITUTE Forms an Exciting Advisory Team
Team | 09.09.2020


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