Markus Gabriel


by Sabine Vielmo

Markus Gabriel is the director for the programme the “The Foundation of Value and Values”. He is an internationally acclaimed philosopher and holds the Chair in Epistemology, Modern, and Contemporary Philosophy at the University of Bonn. He is the Director of the Center for Science and Thought as well as Chairman of the International Centre for Philosophy NRW. Gabriel has been awarded numerous prizes, fellowships, and visiting professorships. His books have been translated into many languages.

Selected Publications

  • "The Power of Art", 2020
  • "Neo-Existentialism", 2018
  • "Limits of Epistemology. The Necessary Finitude of Objective Knowledge", 2018
  • "I am not a Brain. Philosophy of Mind for the 21st Century", 2017
  • "Why the World does not Exist", 2015
  • "Transcendental Ontologie. Essays in German Idealism", 2011

What gives you hope?

The possibility of moral progress, i.e. of the systematic and rational improvement of the conditions of humanity’s coexistence on our beautiful planet.

How does change happen?

By way of sudden crises and our equally sudden realization that we need new tools to regain control under ultimately uncontrollable conditions of complex socio-economic interactions.

What is your relationship with our planet?

I firmly believe that our planet is the only place available for human intelligent life to continue existing. We need to begin to take care of our habitat and overcome our dangerous tendency to believe that we are the masters of nature. We are part of our planet and will never be able to transcend this part of the human condition.


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