Simone Chambers

Department of Political Science, UC Irvine

Photo by Michal Schmelling

Simone Chambers is Professor of Political Science at the University of California Irvine.  A political philosopher who specializes in democracy studies, she is widely published on such topics as deliberative democracy, constitutionalism, referendums, the digital public sphere, rhetoric, civility, and the work of Jürgen Habermas and John Rawls. Her new book "The State of Contemporary Democratic Theory" is a critical survey of the ways political philosophy is addressing the democratic crises of our times. At THE NEW INSTITUTE, Simone Chambers will be involved in designing and implementing the programme "The Future of Democracy".

Selected Publications

  • “Contemporary Democratic Theory” (forthcoming)
  • “Dissent on Core Beliefs: Religious and Secular Perspectives” (edited with Peter Nosco), 2015
  • “Alternative Conceptions of Civil Society” (edited with Will Kymlicka), 2001
  • “Deliberation, Democracy, and the Media” (edited with Anne Costain), 2000
  • “Reasonable Democracy: Jürgen Habermas and the Politics of Discourse”, 1996


What gives you hope?

Citizens in the streets.

How does change happen?

From the periphery.

What is your relationship with our planet?



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