Teresa Lappe-Osthege

Programme Manager Changing Mindsets – Changing Behaviour

Teresa Lappe-Osthege is a political scientist with a background in political ecology and green political economy in contexts of peace and conflict. Her work has led her to the Western Balkans, where she conducted research on questions of socio-ecological (un)sustainability in peacebuilding processes. Prior to joining THE NEW INSTITUTE, Teresa worked as a Research Associate on the EU-funded Biodiversity and Security Project (BIOSEC) and is currently a trustee for the NGO Conflict and Environment Observatory (CEOBS). She holds a PhD from the University of Sheffield (UK) and studied in London and Maastricht.


E-Mail: teresa.lappe-osthege@thenew.institute

Twitter: @tlappeosthege

Selected Publications

What gives you hope?

People who ask the important but uncomfortable questions.

How does change happen?

Durable change happens when transformations benefit everyone, not just a select few.

Who’s your current favorite Artist?

Ibrahim Maalouf - because he fuses elements of a variety of musical genres in a way that’s always new, unexpected and uniquely atmospheric.


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