Emilia Roig: Creating New Paradigms

Emilia Roig | Mohamed Badarne


Emilia Roig: Creating New Paradigms

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Deploying the Full Potential of the Great Transformation ushered in by Black Feminists

Black feminists have shown us dimensions of the human experience which remained hidden und unaddressed. From Sojourner Truth to Kimberlé Crenshaw, Angela Davis and Audre Lorde, the framing of intersectionality has challenged the dominant frames of thought with regards to identity, social hierarchies and global injustice. This offered a chance to create a new paradigm and leave the old behind by exposing its pitfalls and limitations. Instead, the intersectional movement, however vibrant and inspiring, has been operating in the available frames and has failed to shift the structures which are at the root of global injustice. The movement has yet to deploy the full potential of the great transformation ushered in by early Black Feminists. This talk will explore this paradigmatic shift through a theoretical, political and spiritual lens

We are pleased to welcome Emilia Roig as a guest of the Black Feminism and the Polycrisis program.


Emilia Roig is the Founder and Executive Director of the Berlin-based Center for Intersectional Justice (CIJ), a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting justice, equality and a life free from systemic oppression for all. Her experience growing up in a multiracial Algerian-Jewish-Martinique family in France shaped her commitment and passion for intersectional social justice. Emilia is a faculty member of DePaul University of Chicago's Social Justice Study Abroad Program and has taught graduate and postgraduate courses in Intersectional Theory, Postcolonial Studies, Critical Race Theory, Queer Feminism, and International and European Law at universities across Europe.

She holds a PhD in Political Science, a Masters of Public Policy and an MBA in International Law. Before her doctorate, she worked extensively on human rights issues at the UN in Tanzania and Uganda, at the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) in Cambodia and at Amnesty International in Germany - and decided to leave the field of "development" to focus on focus on social justice in Europe.


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