THE NEW INSTITUTE publishes collaboratively produced research in the humanities and social sciences. Its publications offer future-oriented responses to the nested crises of the present along the dimensions of what it means to be human, how to improve democratic self-governance, and how to achieve socio-economic transformation. Our goal is to make humanistic research relevant and accessible to wider audiences.

Discussion Paper

Towards a New Enlightenment – The Integrative Power of the Humanities

What role can the humanities play in shaping our common future? What are the values that guide us in the 21st century? How can we unleash the potential the humanities offer in a time of multiple crises? This discussion paper sketches a program for how the humanities can contribute to addressing the most urgent challenges facing humanity today – in a multidisciplinary, transsectoral, and transformative way.

Discussion paper

The Case For Exploratory Social Sciences

Should the social sciences only analyse the past and present? Or should they also try to help design the future? THE NEW INSTITUTE aims to support faster and closer connections between social science and the vital changes needed in our society as we respond to climate change, ageing, inequality and a world flooded with powerful new technologies. It is needed in part because our existing academies are not generating an adequate supply of options and designs for the future.


Through our fellowship programs, we support research and thus publications by individuals and fellow groups. In addition to publications as our primary output, we also support other kinds of public interventions, such as interviews, podcasts, public readings, and artistic practices. In the following, we list the publications that were produced, either in part or in full, during our fellows’ tenure at THE NEW INSTITUTE.

Fellow Publications 2022–2023

Here, you can find all our fellow publications of the year 2022–2023

Fellow Publications 2020–2022

Find out more about all publications by our fellows from 2020–2022

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