Markus Gabriel



Academic Director

Department of Philosophy, University of Bonn


Markus is an internationally acclaimed philosopher and holds the Chair in Epistemology, Modern and Contemporary Philosophy at the University of Bonn. He is the Director of the Center for Science and Thought as well as Chairman of the International Centre for Philosophy NRW. He has been awarded numerous prizes, fellowships, and visiting professorships. His books have been translated into many languages.

Markus is the Academic Director of THE NEW INSTITUTE (together with his co-director Anna Katsman).


"Hope is a much better action guiding model for humans than fear. We need places, even institutions, of hope. Maybe even a ministry of hope."


''Towards a New Enlightenment. The Case for Future - Oriented Humanities'', 2022

The Power of Art, 2020

The Limits of Epistemology, 2020

Neo-Existentialism, 2018

I Am Not a Brain: Philosophy of Mind for the Twenty-First Century, 2017

Why the World Does Not Exist, 2015

Transcendental Ontology: Essays in German Idealism, 2011


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