Andrej Zwitter



Chair of Governance and Innovation and Dean of Faculty Campus Fryslân, University of Groningen


Andrej is Chair of Governance and Innovation and co-founder of the inter- and transdisciplinary branch Faculty Campus Fryslân at the University of Groningen. This newly founded faculty dedicated to “Global Challenges and Local Solutions” combines education and research in the domains of sustainability, development, and digitalization. Andrej earned his PhD in Law, Legal Philosophy and International Law. His research foci include Big Data ethics, cyber governance, humanitarian action and state of emergency politics. Andrej has also extensively published on subjects such as humanitarian action or just war and universal peace theory. He is passionate about understanding how modern technology affects society and how it can contribute to solving global challenges. 

Andrej will join THE NEW INSTITUTE in the fall of 2023 as chair in the program “The Human Condition in the 21st Century”.


If you could have a conversation with one person (dead or alive) who would it be?
St. Augustine

What is human?
Being human is failing. If you fail forwards you’re doing it well.

Why have you joined TNI?
Because the ideas for which THE NEW INSTITUTE stands for regarding the need for a new enlightenment and post-materialism resonate with my own.


Meta-Science – Towards a Science of Meaning and Complex Solutions (ed. with Takuo Dome), 2023 forthcoming

Research Handbook on Politics and Governance of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (ed. with Oskar Gstrein), 2023 forthcoming

Cyberspace, Blockchain, Governance: How Technology Implies Normative Power and Regulation; Zwitter, A. & Hazenberg, J., 22-Oct-2020, Blockchain, Law and Governance. Cappiello, B. & Carullo, G. (eds.). Springer, p. 87-97

Deciding what to do: A universal Code of ethics for global citizenship: A universal Code of ethics for global citizenship, Zwitter, A., 2015, Deconstructing Global Citizenship: Political, Cultural, and Ethnic Perspectives. Bashir, H. & Gray, P. W. (eds.). Lexington Books, p. 99 120 p

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