We are implementing the following programs, which are closely interconnected. Each program is guided by at least one overarching question.

Through our programs, we wish to develop ideas for systemic change within our societies that ultimately enable us to mitigate the threat posed to humankind by the ecological crisis. While we do not engage in scientific measurement of climate research itself, each of our programs addresses different aspects of the change that is needed. Paying attention to the interfaces between the programs will be crucial for THE NEW INSTITUTE, in particular with a view to contributions to societal change. Taken together, our programs strive to create a and actionable approach to what systemic change might look like and how it can be achieved.

  • The Human Condition in the 21st Century

    How can we create a sustainable value-system for the 21st century?

    The foundational program tackles the problem of how to think of the human condition in the 21st century.

    Fellowship calls are open for the program Reformulating Sustainable Development Goals.

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  • The Future of Democracy

    How can we transition to an ecologically responsible and democratically resilient future?

    The program “The Future of Democracy” places its main focus on the prospects for comprehensive ecological democratization. The guiding rationale is that social transformations require a collective imaginary of a future worth striving for.

    Fellowship calls are open for the programs Governing the Planetary Commons and Depolarizing Public Debates.

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  • Socio-Economic Transformation

    How can the economy serve social well-being within planetary boundaries?

    Our economy must serve our social needs and respect planetary boundaries. But this is currently not the case: we are on an unsustainable path. Our economic activities have contributed to societies growing more unequal across various dimensions, depriving some of meeting their basic human needs and putting political systems under stress.

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