Joanna Karolina Malinowska

Photo by Igor Malinowski

Joanna Karolina

Adam Mickiewicz Univeristy


Joanna is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland. She works mainly in the area of philosophy of science, in combination with ontology, epistemology, and ethics. Joanna is particularly interested in how certain concepts, such as race and ethnicity, are understood and used in science. From 2021 to 2024 she was the Principal Investigator in a project considering applications and interpretations of ethnoracial categories in biomedical research and health care (funded by the Polish National Science Centre). Since 2024 Joanna is also a member of a research group focusing on the contemporary use and handling of human remains (funded by the Constructive Advanced Thinking (CAT) programme of the Network of European Institutes of Advanced Studies (NetIAS)). Joanna is currently working on the issue of conceptualizing whiteness in research on health inequities, particularly in relation to racialization of Eastern Europeans and among Central and Eastern European communities.

Joanna will join THE NEW INSTITUTE as Yehudit and Yehuda Elkana Fellow in the fall term of 2024.


Epistemological Pitfalls in the Proxy Theory of Race: The Case of Genomics-Based Medicine, in: The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, 2023

Towards the multileveled and processual conceptualisation of racialised individuals in biomedical research, in Synthese, 2023

Reductionist methodology and the ambiguity of the categories of race and ethnicity in biomedical research: an exploratory study of recent evidence, in Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy, 2023

Can I feel your pain? The biological and socio-cognitive factors shaping people’s empathy with social robots, in International Journal of Social Robotics, 2022

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