We live and work in a series of 19th century townhouses, which have been sensitively reimagined as a world for visionary thinking. It is our home and supports us in our mission.

We house our fellows and their families, with plenty of places to eat, drink, talk, listen, read, learn, argue, research and broadcast. Our world contains artists’ studios, spaces for lectures and exhibitions, some of scale, and some more intimate, different rooms suit different moods and preferences. We also have a library, a bookshop and a long garden, which connects all the buildings from behind. The Warburg Ensemble is more than a series of historic buildings; it is intended to be a globally recognized space for shaping social change.


We are consulting and collaborating with inspiring architects and designers to help us achieve our aims: Ilse Crawford, Carmody Groarke, Jessica Klatten and Tim Hupe.


At THE NEW INSTITUTE, we think of design as a valuable tool to support and encourage us in all that we do. For us, design is an approach, more than an aesthetic. What follows are principles of design that frame our thoughts and feelings, behaviour and actions.

Design is a mindset and an attitude, not an item of furniture or a paint colour.

Design engages mind and body.

Design makes people feel healthy and welcome.

Design supports different moods and modes of activity.

Design can inspire conversation, enliven debate and encourage relaxation.

Design connects people to their environment, to themselves and to each other.

Design is thinking made visible; intelligence made physical.

Design is a bridge between past, present and future.

Design is a tool for implementing change and a force for progress.


As a truly global institute we say that the world is our habitat, but we are proud to call the city of Hamburg our home.


Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany and is home to the second largest harbor in Europe. Water is all over the city landscape, thus Hamburg has more bridges than any other city in the world more than London, Venice and Amsterdam combined! Two large lakes sit upon the Alster River on each side of the city center and the Warburg Ensemble is situated just a block away. Hamburg has a vibrant cultural life with 50 museums, 45 theaters and about 100 music venues, including a world-renowned opera house. And yes, it’s true, residents of the city of Hamburg are called Hamburgers.



Cities are stories waiting to be told; and buildings, houses, homes are characters of these stories, some major, some minor, but all important to the plotline, the drama, the beauty. Only taken together, the story of the city unfolds as a humanistic epos.

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