Kirstin Munro



Department of Economics, The New School for Social Research


Kirstin is an Assistant Professor of Economics at the New School for Social Research in New York, where she teaches econometrics, the political economy of gender, and the history of economic thought. Her book, 'The Production of Everyday Life in Eco-conscious Households: Conflict, Compromise, Complicity, was published by Bristol University Press in 2023. Although trained as a neoclassical economist, her work is informed by insights from relevant social theory and critiques of political economy. Prior to completing her PhD, Kirstin worked as an econometrician on demand forecasting in regulated industries, specializing in the relationship between technological change and demand for products whose prices are not determined by markets. Her current research examines labor, both paid and unpaid, and its relationship to consumption and production processes; the production, distribution, and consumption of energy; and critiques of individual, corporate, and government sustainability efforts. She has been involved in anti-war and leftist movements for over 25 years.

At THE NEW INSTITUTE, Kirstin is involved in the Beyond Capitalism: War Economy and Democratic Planning program. She will join us in Spring 2025.


The Production of Everyday Life in Eco-Conscious Households: Compromise, Conflict and Complicity, 2023

Marxian economics and the Critique of Political Economy
with Chris O'Kane, in Adorno and Marx: Negative Dialectics and the Critique of Political Economy, 2022

Overaccumulation, Crisis, and the Contradictions of Household Waste Sorting
in Capital & Class, 2022

Unproductive Workers and State Repression
in Review of Radical Political Economics, 2021

'Social Reproduction Theory', Social Reproduction, and Household Production.
in Science & Society, 2019

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