Giulia Dal Maso


Dal Maso

University of Venice Ca' Foscari, National University of Singapore


Giulia is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow at both the Ca' Foscari University of Venice and the Asia Research Institute at the National University of Singapore. Her research focuses on the impact of financial markets on social and political spheres. Giulia has worked extensively on the rise of financialization in post-socialist contexts, with a particular focus on China and Eastern Europe. She has also studied the development of green and sustainable finance in Chinese and broader Asian contexts. Her work has appeared in publications such as Jacobin, the Journal of Cultural Economy, South Atlantic Quarterly, Historical Materialism, Social and Cultural Geography, and Focaal.

At THE NEW INSTITUTE, Giulia will explore the interplay between longevity and finance as part of the Future of Capitalism program. She will join THE NEW INSTITUTE in the academic year 2024/25.


The sickle and the garlic chives: volatility in the Chinese stock market, in Finance and Society, 2023

The Capitalist Market Can't Solve the Climate Crisis, in Jacobin, 2022.

The Precarious Chinese Financial Ecology of Expertise: Discontent in the Mix, in Journal of Cultural Economy, 2020.

Risky Expertise in Chinese Financialization: Financial Labour within the state-finance nexus, Singapore, Palagrave MacMilllan, 2020.

The Financial Crisis and a Crisis of Expertise. A Chinese Genealogy of Neoliberalism?, in Historical Materialism 27, 1-34, 2019.

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