Cédric Durand



Geneva School of Social Sciences, Department of History, Economics and Society, University of Geneva


Cédric is a professor of political economy at the University of Geneva. His research focuses on the transformation of contemporary capitalism. In the tradition of Marxism and the French regulation school, he studies unequal development in the context of globalization, the financialization of economies, processes of intellectual monopolization, and the question of planning and eco-socialist bifurcation. In addition to articles in leading academic journals such as World Development, the Review of International Political Economy, the Cambridge Journal of Economics and the Socio-Economic Review, he is the author of "Fictitious capital. How Finance is Appropriating our Future" (2017) and "Techno-feudalism. Critique of the digital economy" (forthcoming in 2024) and "Comment Bifurquer. Les principes de la planification écologique' (with Razmig Keucheyan, 2024). He is a regular contributor to the radical online journal Contretemps and to Sidecar, the blog of the New Left Review.

At THE NEW INSTITUTE, Cédric is involved in the Beyond Capitalism: War Economy and Democratic Planning program. He will join us in the winter term of 2025.


Comment bifurquer. Les príncipes de la planification écologique, 2024

How Silicon Valley Unleashed Technofeudalism, 2024

Planning beyond growth. The case for economic democracy within limits
(with Elena Hofferberth & Matthias Schmelzer), in Journal of Cleaner Production, vol. 437, 2024

Ecologically unequal exchange and uneven development patterns along global value chains, 2023

Fictitious Capital, 2017

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