Human Flourishing in the Himalayan Philosophy and Art


Human Flourishing in the Himalayan Philosophy and Art

The Hall

A Weekly Lecture with our fellow Karma Ura.


Karma Ura's lecture will focus on 14 biographical drawings of the most important female figures of the Himalayas. In particular, he will focus on the art of the 8th century Yeshey Tshogyal, who played a crucial role in the early movement of Tantric Buddhism in the Himalayas. Karma will also explore the exemplary Buddhist virtues that led Yeshey Tshogyal to Awakening (the ultimate flourishing).


Karma Ura is currently a fellow at THE NEW INSTITUTE, working on the program 'Conceptions of Human Flourishing - Reformulating the SDGs'. He has been the President of the Center for Bhutan & GNH Studies (CBS) since 2008. The CBS has been at the forefront of promoting and deepening national and global understanding of Bhutan's development philosophy of Gross National Happiness, and conducting multidisciplinary research on Bhutan. Karma was a member of the Drafting Committee of Bhutan's first Constitution, which was promulgated in July 2008, and was awarded the Red Scarf and the ancient title of Dasho by His Majesty the Fourth King in December 2006 for his dedicated service to the country. Karma is also a painter with works displayed in a national monument (Dochula Temple) and a piece in the British Museum.

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