Where have places disappeared?


Where have places disappeared?

The Hall

Our Weekly Lecture by Radha D'Souza on corporation-states, law, and dualist imaginations.


The lecture focuses on the meaning of ‘place’ and in what sense it is possible to say ‘places’ have disappeared. ‘Dis’ placement is a thread that runs through the trajectory of European modernity, a trajectory that is propelled by modern institutional processes and legal regimes. At its core, ‘dis’placement, and therefore European modernity, is about severing human bonds to Land and Nature. The presentation extrapolates from work-in-progress on a larger research project. While focusing on the meaning of place, the presentation will also locate the problematic within the wider theoretical framework developed in the project.


Radha D'Souza is a Professor of Law, Development, and Conflict Studies at the University of Westminster in London. Currently, she is a Senior Research Fellow at the Leuphana Institute of Advanced Studies in Lüneburg, Germany. She is a writer, critic, and social justice activist. D'Souza's research interests include socio-legal studies, sociology of law, social justice, and the relationship between law, colonialism, and imperialism. The author of the book 'What's Wrong with Rights? Social Movements, Law and Liberal Imaginations' (2018) is also a former barrister in the High Court of Bombay.

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