Adrianna Dufay



Filmmaker, Storyteller


Adrianna earned her MFA as an actor, worked regionally and settled in New York, where she also produced her own plays. She then spent a decade in tech as a digital product manager, writing search engine algorithms and managing data analytic tools. She also produced a monthly Gen X women’s storytelling event. For the past decade, she has created short films with her husband for TED, Vanderbilt University, Emerson Collective and other issue-oriented organizations, including THE NEW INSTITUTE.

She lives in Brooklyn with her multi-talented husband, two teens and one dog.

At THE NEW INSTITUTE Adrianna is involved in several programs as a fellow.


What gives you hope?
My whip-smart, big hearted, activist children and their friends.

How does change happen?
A raising of the hand followed by a step forward.

What is human?
To feed and be fed.

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