Katja Schubel

Photo by Maximilian Glas


Program Coordinator


Katja studied Law at the University of Potsdam, where she received a Bachelor of Laws and successfully completed the First State Examination. Her academic journey was enriched by her five-year occupation at the University's Equal Opportunities Office, where she contributed to fostering inclusivity and fairness within the institution. Katja then embarked on a research role as a Research Associate at the Professorship of Public Law and International Economic Law and supported the Law Clinic Transformation Law under the guidance of Professor Dr. Isabel Feichtner at the University of Würzburg. Her research focuses on the legal frameworks of Commons Public Partnerships, concerning Urban Commons. She considers building Common Wealth based on relations of solidarity and trust an essential aspect of democratic change.

At THE NEW INSTITUTE Katja is Program Coordinator of the program Reclaiming Common Wealth.


“Commons-Public-Partnerships” als Rechtsinstrumente für den städtischen Klimaschutz, in, Valentiner, Klimaschutz und Städte - Herausforderungen und Potentiale des öffentlichen Rechts, JuWissDay 2022 Hamburg, Nomos 2023

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