Paul Twomey

Photo by Sabine Vielmo


Academic Advisor


Paul is a serial entrepreneur in the legal, cybersecurity, talent and biosecurity sectors. Paul is a Fellow and Core Theme Leader for “managing information and technology in the public interest” at the Global Solutions Initiative. He is also a Distinguished Fellow, at the Center for International Governance Innovation and a Commissioner of the Global Commission for Internet Governance. Paul is a founding figure and former CEO of ICANN, the global coordination body of the Internet, a role in which he was described by the New York Times as "the Chief Operating Officer of the Internet.". Paul was CEO of the Australian Government's National Office for the Information Economy and Deputy at the Australian Trade Commission. Formerly with McKinsey& Company, he was a special advisor to several Australian Ministers in the Keating and Howard Governments. He is a member of the SAP Artificial Intelligence Ethics Advisory Panel. He received his PhD from Cambridge University.

  • What gives you hope?

    The insightfulness and enthusiasm through which my children look at the world with new eyes.

  • How does change happen?

    Through the power of rigorous ideas promoted with passion and persistence to make the times evolve to the ideas - until suddenly it seems that everyone is the parent of the ideas.

  • What's your current favorite Read/Song or Artist?

    "The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity" by anthropologist the late David Graeber and archaeologist David Wengrow. With well researched scholarship, each page challenges many of our conceptions about the start of civilisation.

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