Xudong Zhang



Departments of Comparative Literature & East Asian Studies, New York University


Xudong is a Professor of Comparative Literature and Chinese at New York, University and is the Founding Director of the International Center for Critical Theory. Xudong's research interests include critical theory, modernism and modernity, theories of representation, narrative and interpretation, political philosophy, aesthetics, and twentieth-century Chinese literature and culture. Of his ongoing concerns are, among others, literary criticism and theory as poetics, socio-ontology, and cultural politics pertaining to an open-ended discourse on universalism. He has published widely on critical theory and transcultural comparisons of Chinese and European modernities.

At THE NEW INSTITUTE, Xudong is involved in several programs in the Academic Year 2023/24.


The Becoming Self-Conscious of the Essay: The Second Birth of Lu Xun Literature, 1924-1927,
The Joint Publishing Co. Ltd., Beijing, 2023

The Concept of Critical Literary History
Shanghai People’s Press, 2020

Postsocialism and Cultural Politics
Duke University Press, 2008

Cultural Identity in the Age of Globalization: Historical Reflections on the Western Discourses of Universalism
Peking University Press, 2005/2006; Shanghai People’s Press, 2021

Chinese Modernism in the Era of Reforms: Cultural Fever, Avant-garde Fiction, and New Chinese Cinema
Duke University Press, 1997

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