Apply now: Program Chair Call Open

We invite applications for Program Chairs for the academic year 2024–2025


Apply now: Program Chair Call Open

We invite applications for Program Chairs for the academic year 2024–2025

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Under the banner of future-oriented humanities, our programs are structured around three interconnected themes: The Human Condition in the 21st Century, The Future of Democracy, and Socio-economic Transformation. We invite individuals or individuals who already assembled a team to apply with concrete projects related to these themes. For examples, see our programs in 2023/2024.

Download the Call for Program Chairs here (PDF).


  • Funding period

    Contracts run for a duration of one academic year: September 2024 – June 2025.

  • Profile

    Scholars from the humanities and social sciences or practitioners in politics, business, art, media, or journalism with a commitment to the mission of THE NEW INSTITUTE, expertise in a field related to one of the themes of the call, and interest in collaborating across our programs. Applicants will have made outstanding, innovative contributions to the project with which they apply. Their projects will require interdisciplinary and trans-sectoral work for their realization.

  • Tasks

    Together with us, through our open call and direct applications, Program Chairs have the opportunity to assemble up to four Fellows to form an intellectual “dream team” with the potential to propel research into a new dimension.

  • Location

    Program Chairs are required to be present at THE NEW INSTITUTE in Hamburg at least four days a week during the terms.

  • Funding

    Stipends or teaching buy-outs are calculated relative to applicants career stage.

  • Housing

    Fully furnished apartments are provided on the premises of THE NEW INSTITUTE at the Warburg Ensemble in Hamburg. 80% subsidy for rent and utilities will be provided on top of the stipend. Depending on availability, we can offer accommodations for fellows with family members who plan to stay longer than three months.

  • Meals

    Breakfasts and lunches are provided on weekdays during the terms and dinners once a week. A monthly contribution of 400 Euro will be deducted from the stipend.

  • Application material

    • Letter of motivation (3 pages max.)
    • Proposal for a project topic within the framework of one of our themes, which may be turned into a call for fellows coming forward with concrete projects of their own in the next step (5 pages max.). Candidates can indicate potential fellows for their projects or apply jointly with them.
    • CV (please include in header: your current address (including time zone,) current affiliation, last university or higher education degree including the institution from which you received the degree, year of receipt of degree, nationality, gender, cell phone number, and the title of your proposed project)
    • THE NEW INSTITUTE offers some apartments for families. Please indicate in your application the number of family members who would like to accompany you.

    Please send the application material – as a single PDF file – to

  • Selection Process

    THE NEW INSTITUTE's Leadership selects candidates together with external experts from relevant fields. We will select fellows on a rolling basis until all positions are filled and latest by January 31, 2024. In addition to the quality of the research proposal, we evaluate its collaborative dimension, fit with our overall program architecture, and potential contribution to positive social change.

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