Ronan Kaczynski

PROGRAMME MANAGER The Future of Democracy

by Sabine Vielmo

Ronan studied Sociology at University College Cork and wrote his PhD in Political Science at the Cluster of Excellence “The Formation of Normative Orders” at Goethe-University Frankfurt. Intermittently, he also spent some time as Visiting Scholar at Columbia University New York, funded by the Fulbright Commission. As soon as time permits, he will visit Frankfurt to defend the contentious title of his dissertation: “The Societal Capacity for Democratic Justification. A Social Theory of the Reasonable Society”. However, this may still take a while, as he joined THE NEW INSTITUTE out of a sense of urgency to work on democracy’s future in the light of these increasingly dire times.


What gives you hope?

Most people I meet.

How does change happen?

In unforeseen ways, albeit premised on persistent efforts for conducive conditions.

List 3 important values in your life?

Sincerity, Justice & Solidarity.


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