Kiri Dalena

Social injustice and inequality are at the heart of Kiri Dalena’s work as a visual artist, filmmaker and activist. Dalena is actively involved in the struggle for human rights amidst state persecution in the Philippines. When in early 2012 a hurricane aggressively hit her mother’s hometown in Iligan, Philippines, it caused an immense flooding. Clean cut logs and uprooted trees were swept down from the mountains, rivers destroyed entire communities, humans and animals were washed to the sea. This devastating catastrophe led to a significant turn in Dalena’s work, inspiring her to reflect deeply on how to find a more compassionate form of participating in and simultaneously documenting people’s stories through filmmaking. In the video work Tungkung Langit, Dalena follows the life of two children after they have tragically lost their family in the hurricane. In the pro- cess of creating this work, Dalena began to experience the possibilities and very limits of filmmaking.

  • Tungkung Langit by Kiri Dalena

  • Tungkung Langit by Kiri Dalena

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