Book Launch – THE NEW

public event
public event

Book Launch – THE NEW


We are excited to be celebrating the launch of 'Beyond Neoliberalism' on Thursday 6 June in the Felix Jud Bookstore.

Please join us for a book launch to celebrate the publication of the first book in our series THE NEW. We are delighted to announce that Beyond Neoliberalism and Neo-illiberalism: Economic Policies and Performance for Sustainable Democracy was published this week.

The volume is edited by Markus Gabriel and Anna Katsman from THE NEW INSTITUTE, and Thomas Liess and William Milberg from The New School, New York. It includes contributions from economists, political scientists, and sociologists, including Joseph Stiglitz, Dani Rodrik, and Moritz Schularick, among others.

We’ll be celebrating the launch of Beyond Neoliberalism on Thursday 6 June at 16:00 in the bookstore. This dovetails with the end of the Capitalism in Crisis conference taking place at THE NEW INSTITUTE from 5-6 June. Markus Gabriel will introduce Beyond Neoliberalism, as well as introducing the concept behind the series THE NEW, which publishes collaborative research in the humanities and social sciences.


This is a free event open to the public. If you have any questions, please contact Press inquiries can be made here.

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