Avram Alpert



Princeton Writing Program, Princeton University


Avram is a writer, educator, and organizer working to understand what values we can live by in a world as connected, chaotic, and potentially catastrophic as the present. He is currently researching for a new book about what it might mean to be wise in such a world. He has written three previous books on these themes, including, most recently, The Good-Enough Life, an argument for why appreciating our limitations (we are only ever good enough) should lead us to ensure decency (goodness) and sufficiency (enoughness) for all. He has also written for publications including Aeon, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Truthout, and the Brooklyn Rail. Currently, he is Lecturer in the Writing Program at Princeton University. With Sreshta Rit Premnath, he is co-editor and co-manager of programming for Shifter Magazine. With Meleko Mokgosi and Anthea Behm, he is co-founder of the Interdisciplinary Art and Theory Program at Jack Shainman Gallery. And with Danny Snelson and Mashinka Firunts, he is a member of the academic-artist collective, Research Service. He has held fellowships from institutions including the Mellon Foundation, the Fulbright Commission of Brazil, and the Whitney Museum’s Independent Study Program.

At THE NEW INSTITUTE, Avram was working on themes related to "The Human Condition in the 21st Century".


Global Origins of the Modern Self, from Montaigne to Suzuki, 2019

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