Christian Stöcker



Hamburg University of Applied Sciences


Christian is a writer, journalist, and the course director of the Master's program "Digital Communication" at Hamburg's University of Applied Sciences. He has published research on fundamental aspects of human behavior control, worked as a freelance journalist for publications including DIE ZEIT and Süddeutsche Zeitung and as the head of DER SPIEGEL's "Netzwelt" department. He holds a PhD in cognitive Psychology from the University of Würzburg and a degree in cultural criticism. These days his research focuses on (dis-)information In the context of the interaction of technology and the public sphere. He's published a number of non-fiction books, most recently "Das Experiment sind wir" on humanity's cognitive, ecological and societal problems with exponential change. He writes a weekly column for DER SPIEGEL since 2016.

At THE NEW INSTITUTE Christian was involved in the program The Human Condition in the 21st Century.


"Das Experiment sind wir", 2019

"Digitale Öffentlichkeit", mit Konrad Lischka, 2017

"Nerd Attack", 2011


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