On Hope
Hope is a promise, a contradiction, a quiet revolution. For the second issue of our Paper Edition, we speak to twelve leading thinkers, dreamers, and practitioners; and present them in the context of artworks that expand the concept of hope.


Our Editor-in-Chief Georg Diez and CEO Christoph Gottschalk explore why hope matters in this time of radical uncertainty.

Hope and Faith

Writer Ece Temelkuran calls hope an “emotional crutch” and argues that faith is a more powerful political option.

Hope and Reason

Philosopher and our fellow Markus Gabriel argues that we need places, even institutions, of hope.

Hope and Humanity

Curator Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung calls for thinking more holistically and working together again.

Hope and Care

For artist and activist Cassie Thornton, to have hope is to have trust that things will be ok.

Hope and Agency

Political scientist and our fellow Lea Ypi shows why without hope, there is no forward trajectory for humanity.

Hope and Transformation

In the words of writer Juliet Jacques, hope kills us but it also nourishes and sustains us.

Hope and Activism

Artist and activist Ina-Maria Shikongo talks about the fight for justice and for survival in her native Namibia.

Hope and Music

Pianist Igor Levit shares how songs can become political statements and tools of activism.

Hope and Climate Justice

Professor Catriona McKinnon talks about reimagining the natural world as our home rather than a resource to be exploited.

Slow Hope

Academic Christof Mauch discusses abstract goals and the frustrations they can leave us with.

Hope and the Future

Political theorist and our fellow Jonathan White explains how hope can be a mirror of imagination and a point of renewal.

Art in the Paper Edition

Hope has the potential to transform us, to open up new horizons. So does art. Art can push the boundaries of imagination, art can be a mirror of society, a source of political reflection, and ultimately a tool for activism. That’s why every Paper Edition features selected artists and artworks. For our Paper Edition on Hope, we invited curator Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung to select artists that explore the concept of hope.

Raisa Galofre

Akinbode Akinbiyi

Sim Chi Yin


Jota Mombaça

Kiri Dalena


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