Wakanyi Hoffman

Photo by Maximilian Glas


Writer and African Indigenous Knowledge scholar & researcher


Wakanyi is an author, African Indigenous Knowledge scholar, and global speaker of Ubuntu philosophy. Her diverse intercultural experiences as a global nomad have enriched her perspective on the human condition. Wakanyi is a graduate of University College London (UCL), where her thesis proposed integrating indigenous knowledge into global education systems. Her commitment to cross-cultural knowledge sharing brings added value to her fellowship appointment at THE NEW INSTITUTE.
Wakanyi is a Kenya Education Fund board member dedicated to offering high school education to marginalized, gifted children. Additionally, her advisory role at The Contentment Foundation underscores her dedication to global well-being. She is also a valued board member at Seeds of Wisdom, championing indigenous elders’ wisdom and knowledge exchange. Her initiatives include founding African Folktales Project to bridge gaps between indigenous and contemporary African societies. She is also a co-founder of HumanityLink, a global digital communication solutions system for marginalized populations.

At THE NEW INSTITUTE, Wakanyi is involved in the program "Conceptions of Human Flourishing".


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