Kenneth Amaeshi



Florence School of Transnational Governance, European University Institute, Italy, and University of Edinburgh Business School, United Kingdom


Kenneth is a Professor of Sustainable Finance and Governance at the European University Institute. He is currently on long-term leave from the University of Edinburgh, where he is the Chair in Business and Sustainable Development and Director of Scaling Business in Africa. He is also an Extraordinary Professor of Business in Africa at the Graduate School of Business, University of Cape Town, South Africa, and was a Visiting Professor of Leadership and Financial Markets in Africa at the London School of Economics.

Kenneth is a leading scholar on sustainable business and finance in the global south. His research has a very strong interface between business and society, particularly national governments in Africa, where he has an extensive network. Since 2015, he has significantly contributed to developing the intellectual foundations of Africapitalism – an economic philosophy for the development of Africa – and championed its mainstreaming in the global academia.

Besides teaching and researching, Kenneth works closely with businesses and governments in Africa, Europe, and Asia. He leads executive capacity building engagements and consultancy projects in the broad areas of sustainable finance, sustainability strategy, leadership, ethics, and governance for multinational corporations and institutions.

Kenneth is also involved in policymaking. He is a Member of the European Commission High Level Expert Group on Sustainable Finance in Low and Middle-Income Countries and currently serves as the Chief Economic Adviser, Imo State Government, Nigeria.

Kenneth will join THE NEW INSTITUTE in the academic year 2024/25 as Chair of the program “Africapitalism: Shared Entrepreneurship for Economic Development"

  • What gives you hope?
    The ingenuity embedded in our humanity.

  • How does change happen?
    Change happens through tipping-point-actions.

  • What is the best advice you ever got?
    Don’t allow the quest for a better future to be limited by the existential constraints of today's challenges.


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