Time for Climate Action

Beyond the Limit
Beyond the Limit

Time for Climate Action

50 years after the report “Limits to Growth”: We know we are destroying our planet – why is it so difficult to act? Fellows, practitioners, artists try to find answers. Join us on the quest.


Ecological Imaginaries

Carolyn Kirschner on Design for a Planet in Danger

  • What can power struggles at the North Pole teach us about designing differently?
  • How can we use data in a way that is open to non-human interests?
  • Can indigenous knowledge and mythology create more transformative imaginaries?

We Just Want The Honey

Ana Prvački on the Lessons of Nature for Societal Change

  • Why did honey, really, become such a luxury product?
  • How would institutions look like that follow the logic of the hive?
  • What is the role of play in adapting to climate change?

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