Time for Climate Action

Beyond the Limit
Beyond the Limit

Time for Climate Action

50 years after the report “Limits to Growth”: We know we are destroying our planet – why is it so difficult to act? Fellows, practitioners, artists try to find answers. Join us on the quest.


Capitalism is the Main Problem

Kim Stanley Robinson on climate change and speculative fiction

  • In his novel “The Ministry for the Future”, Robinson creates a concrete and constructive story about the climate crisis
  • He addresses questions of violence, organizing, geo-engineering and alternative currencies
  • The book is an example of an eco-scenario that combines a starkly realistic take with a hopeful vision

Time for Climate Action

Imagining possible futures – 50 years after “The Limits to Growth”


The Addiction to Growth

Dennis Meadows on the need for a mature world

  • The Club of Rome's 1972 report “The Limits to Growth” has been a warning for humankind
  • We need to create new ways of thinking and acting in this time of climate emergency
  • THE NEW INSTITUTE hosts a series of events to look beyond and explore our common future

On Brown Goods

Karimah Ashadu describes the limbo within capitalism

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