Susanne Heeg

Photo by Maximilian Glas


Institute of Human Geography, Goethe University Frankfurt


Susanne holds the position of Professor of Urban Geography within the Institute of Human Geography at the Goethe-University Frankfurt, situated within the Department of Geosciences and Geography. Her primary research focus centers on urban areas, considering them as focal points of social struggles and pivotal nodes within global dynamics.

Her research encompasses the analysis of processes that underscore the growing significance of cities and urban regions in the contemporary global landscape. Susanne’s work delves into the intricate dynamics taking place within cities and metropolitan regions. In particular, she investigates the impact of financial and property market liberalization on the urban environment.

One central question driving her research revolves around understanding how the neoliberal reorganization of cities shapes the physical spaces, impacts the residents' lifestyles, and influences their patterns of work and habitation. Notably, she has contributed her expertise as a member of the expert commission responsible for assessing the socialization of major housing companies in the state of Berlin.

At THE NEW INSTITUTE Susanne Heeg was involved in the program Reclaiming Common Wealth.


Struggling with and through knowledge production. The campaign ‘Expropriate Deutsche Wohnen&Co’s’ attempt at housing definancialisation in Berlin
in Critical Housing Analysis, Rabea Berfelde/ Susanne Heeg, forthcoming

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Geographische Rundschau, 2021

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Frank Eckardt and Sabine Meier (eds.), Handbuch Wohnsoziologie, 2021

The Financialization of Rental Housing 2.0: Releasing Housing into the Privatized Mainstream of Capital Accumulation
with Gertjan Wijburg and Manuel Aalbers, Antipode, Vol. 50 No. 4, pp. 1098–1119. DOI: 10.1111/anti.12382, 2018

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