Tim Wihl

Photo by Maximilian Glas


Interim professor of Public Law and Recent Legal History, University of Erfurt


Tim has been an interim professor of Public Law and Recent Legal History at the University of Erfurt since April 2022. His academic foci lie in the fields of constitutional and administrative law, legal theory, and modern legal history. Tim’s publications cover human rights theory, legal philosophy, theory of property, political protest (including climate activism) and equality law. Since April 2022, he has been part of the expert panel on the proposed “socialization” of housing companies in the federal state of Berlin. Tim has done intensive research on “commoning”, particularly in the context of the urban housing crisis. At several conferences, he has presented papers and given talks on the constitutional and legal feasibility of housing commons.

At THE NEW INSTITUTE, Tim is involved in the program Reclaiming Common Wealth.


Rudolf Smend’s Legacy in German Constitutional Theory
in: Marco Goldoni and Michael A. Wilkinson (eds.), The Cambridge Handbook on the Material Constitution, 2023

Streitbare Demokratie – aber welche?
in: Isabel Feichtner and Tim Wihl (eds.), Gesamtverfassung. Das Verfassungsdenken Helmut Ridders, 2022

Aufhebungsrechte. Form, Zeitlichkeit und Gleichheit der Grund- und Menschenrechte, 2019

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